Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Captivating Colour

Although every season at Endsleigh is beautiful, there is something about Spring that makes you sit up and take notice.  Each year the Winter months drag by, and suddenly Spring seems to really pull all the stops out. The Rhododendrons on the drive down to the house give an early indication of the colours, inviting you to explore the gardens, and looking over the valley it is the colours that really pop.

These azaleas are found in the Fernery and surround a pond with a small fountain.  Off the beaten track it is well worth a visit to sit and ponder.

The Bluebells need no introduction, carpeting the valley beneath the trees, they mirror the sky when the sun is out. On a warm breeze they leave a scent that is quite evocative.

Finally, I find that sitting on the terrace for afternoon tea taking in the views from all directions cannot be summed up enough in pictures. You must come and see it for yourself.  I came to Endsleigh 14 years ago and find it very hard to leave and still marvel at the vistas and valleys laid out before you.

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