Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Autumn Splendour

What comes to mind when you think of Autumn? The changing colours of the trees? the crisp morning air with bright blue skies? Roaring fires with roasting chestnuts? Conker battles and red cheeked be-hatted children?  The list goes on, and here at Endsleigh all these timeless Aumtumnal treasures are embraced.

The Dairy Dell valley
The Dairy Dell is a wonderful valley walk where during the summer months the valley floor is covered in Gunnera eight to ten fee tall, but in the Autumn, before the frosts destroy them, they are cut down opening up an entirely different view where you can take in the natural glory of the man made rocky stream that wends its way down to the Tamar.

Taken by Charles Alluto

Taken by Rebecca Roundhill
There are throughout the gardens, paths that lead you on into stunning walks, hidden valleys, breathtaking views and exceptional plant specimens brought back to Endsleigh by plant hunters commissioned by the Dukes of Bedford from all over the world. The arboretums key features and a 'must see' are the enormous Weeping Beech, Fagus Sylvatica Pendula at 24 meters tall, the Indian Horse Chestnut, Aesculus Indica, and the Giant Sequoias, Sequoiadendron Giganteum, (51 meters), amongst many others.

Endsleigh are running a special lunch deal until the 27th November 2014. You can book a three course a la carte lunch from Mon - Fri for £22.00 pp and enjoy the gardens for free.

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