Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Weirding weather...

'Weirding Weather' or 'Global Weirding' are from what we understand, terms that have replaced Global Warming, and describe unusual weather events, and here at Endsleigh the storms of the past few weeks have, from our memory (collectively 14 years), been weird and left us somewhat exhausted.  We have been tried and tested but are now gathering our strength and clearing the debris left by the storms.

The array of rills, pools, ponds and waterfalls envisaged by Repton 200 years ago are particularly stunning and were tested to the limits with the amount of rainfall.  Here the catchpit pond waterfall was so high it came over the top and down the pathway.

Even water coming down off the higher fields emptied onto the driveway down to the Hotel, creating a river of water that naturally found its way to the Yew Walk.

Here in the Yew Walk wellies were the order of the day, however, it is amazing how powerful flowing water can be, moving all the pathway dressing down the slope.

Continuing on its pathway the water carried down the Yew Walk to the steps leading to the Rose Walk.

This of course caused us concern at the time, but our thoughts were with those who suffered much more water damage to their homes on the Somerset levels.

Thankfully it has now all dried and we have cleared the pathways of the water damage and full of hope that the Weirding Weather has come to an end for this season.

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