Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Magnificent Magnolias

We are blessed with some stunning Magnolia specimens at Hotel Endsleigh and this year due to the warmth of our climate they have so far escaped the frosts and thus finally been allowed to fully bloom.  In fact I cannot remember the last time they managed to do this.

Here we have the Magnolia campbellii with it's wonderful display of huge pale pink flowers. Also known as the tulip tree this Magnolia has to be 20 years old before it will flower.

This breathtaking specimen close to the Hotel is Magnolia stellata or star magnolia. Native to Japan this species will flower when it is very young and has the added bonus of being slightly scented and is the gateway to walking the Dairy Dell, where you can also see an outstanding example of a Magnolia obovata.

The last couple of weeks the gardeners have been busy clearing the storm debris with a chipper and from the fallen branches they gave the Hotel's florist armfuls of carpet moss and she created this stunning bench still with the ferns growing within it.

The gardens are now looking wonderful and the 9000 bulbs that were planted in the Autumn especially for our Repton Celebrations are almost open and it will be a matter of days now before the Tulips will burst open and show off.

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